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My favourite things
Ever since I was little writing and dancing were my favourite things.
At school, I had a best friend, Louise.  Even though we’d see each other every day we still had the urge to communicate when not seeing each other. So each afternoon we would write each other a letter describing our whereabouts during the day. I loved the experience of writing her a letter and receiving hers every morning at school. Reading and writing is my way of feeling connected with you; to me writing is like playing -discovering new territories and exploring new connections.

Looking back I realise that I have never grown up: reading a poem, watching a movie or having vivid dialogue on a creative project are still moments that make my day. I have an endless curiosity for life; to me writing is a never-ending desire to communicate with you, the reader & the listener.

I grew up in Gentofte, Denmark in a family of entrepreneurs, in a house full of music. My parents would play everything from Rimsky-Korsakov to Frank Sinatra, and habitually my mother, sister and I would dance in the kitchen to Anne Linnet. My mother being an attentive music listener was good at teaching me the difference between a surprising rhyme and an obvious one, and although my father was a busy businessman, he enjoyed quiet moments in the bathtub. Being a kid I was puzzled since he was rarely not working, and would ask him:

“What are you doing?”
“I´m pondering over life was his answer”.
He gave me something to ponder about as well as a liking for meditating in the tub.


What I love about music is the way it unites body and soul – the fact that it can take you anywhere if you are willing to open your heart and have an open mind.

I entered the world of songwriting by poetic haphazard. On a coffee date with musician-friend Michael Mendel Stern we talked about his latest musical collaboration with another friend who was a poet.  He turned my Danish lyric “Hvalfrihed” into a happy blues song (upcoming release).

The transformation of a lyric into a song is a magical journey, and the basis for founding Heartchords. Along the way I have learned to cowrite as well, so please make contact if you feel like making a song with me.


Education-wise I hold a Master in literature and film. I began my career in the film industry as a Dogme secretary for Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. Then I picked up more production experience as a PA for actress Claire Danes, and later on I worked as an assistant for Academy Award winning producer Tivi Magnusson. Before entering the world of songwriting I wrote a play for the theatre, and produced & wrote two short fiction films.
Since 1994 I have been a member of the board at Continental Ejendomme A/S & V. Rørsgaard Trading A/S.